The Kansas City Chiefs are playing the New York Giants at home on Monday night, in a game that people should not sleep on. Between the Giants, how the Chiefs have been playing, and the weather, this game can go either way believe it or not.

2019 saw the Chiefs win the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years. 2020 saw the Chiefs make it right back there, but unfortunately, fall short. 2021 hasn’t been great, and everyone is stunned. So much so, it is all the national media can talk about.

The struggles this season have been so apparent, that we are actually talking about a close game between the Chiefs and the Giants. Even though the game is close, the Chiefs did do some things well in the first half.

Chiefs making improvements in the first half vs Giants

Not doing too much:

The Chiefs have had a tendency in the past, and especially this year, with getting too cute, or doing too much when it is certainly not necessary. That is a big reason they lead the NFL in turnovers.

Instead of always looking for the deep ball or the homerun play, Mahomes is hitting his receivers on check-downs and throwing under instead of over the top. Hopefully, the way they are playing can continue in the second half.

The run game is established so far:

So far in just the first half, the Chiefs have run the ball in once for a score. It is good for this team to be more balanced, as teams are starting to defend the pass much better.

Not only that but this new Chiefs offensive line is built for the run game. Derrick Gore got his first touchdown in the first half, as he was a vital part of the drive to get the Chiefs up 14-7.

Mahomes has found the hot hand early:

So far, Tyreek Hill is looking like the best player on the field, and it isn’t really close. However, a big reason for that is Patrick Mahomes. Hill has been targeted 12 times and has hauled in nearly every pass.

With how Hill has played this year, and the drops he has had, this is great for his confidence. With already eight catches for 58 yards, and a touchdown, Hill looks to be in stride.

Featured Image Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports