A tweet that was sent on Sunday night should have Kansas City Chiefs fans grinning like the Cheshire Cat on Monday.

After the Chiefs’ 30-27 win on the road against the Los Angeles Chargers, KC Sports Network’s Kent Swanson sent a beautiful tweet that perfectly captures everything that’s happened in the AFC West from the offseason until the present.

The talk all offseason was about how the Chiefs were going to have their hands full in the AFC West this season.

With the Denver Broncos adding Russell Wilson, the Las Vegas Raiders acquiring Davante Adams, and the Los Angeles Chargers landing Khalil Mack, the feeling was that Kansas City’s dominance in the AFC West was over.

And yet here we are before Thanksgiving and the Chiefs have a commanding lead in the division.

The AFC West runs through Kansas City as long as Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Andy Reid are wearing Chiefs gear.

Though after this season, I doubt anyone will question that moving forward.

Featured image via USA TODAY Sports