The NFL’s fastest man has done it again for the Chiefs and will continue until he can no longer. Tyreek Hill is one of the most unstoppable players in the league. He showed that against the Buffalo Bills defense last Sunday.

Every week it seems there is supposed to be a defensive back who will shut down Hill. Obviously, we are still waiting for that to happen.

Buffalo was supposed to be that team. With their secondary- which is very good- they simply could not stop Tyreek Hill and his lightning-fast speed.

Tyreek Hill was one of the main contributors to the Chiefs AFC Championship win on Sunday, and the numbers don’t lie.

Tyreek Hill Torching the Buffalo Bills

It is funny sometimes watching defenders trying to stop Tyreek Hill. Mostly because they can’t, but think they can. It almost never works and definitely didn’t work on Sunday.

Buffalo threw several different defensive looks at Hill last Sunday, none of which worked. However, the most effective method, they went to the least.

Buffalo has a terrific secondary unit unless they are playing a team like the Chiefs. Pro Football Focus has the Bills ranked as the 17th best defense, with a coverage grade of 68, which is not as bad as it looks.

To put those grades in perspective, Kansas City is graded at 70 in terms of coverage defense. However, they prove their worthiness of the grade on Sunday, and Buffalo did not.

Tyreek Hill vs Buffalo

Hill faced four different defenders who were labeled as the primary defender. Taron Johnson, Jordan Poyer, Tredavious White, and Tremaine Edmunds all had a shot at shutting him down.

The defender that did arguably the worst job on Hill was Taron Johnson. The Bills defensive back rated as a 62 overall while matching up with Hill. While that grade is low, it’s the highest among Bills defenders who had their shot at Hill.

Johnson allowed three catches on three targets during the game. The one that messed him up was the nine-yard slant that Hill turned into 71 yards. Tyreek Hill added two first downs against Johnson as well.

Jordan Poyer got a chance at it too, but just one chance, and he did not allow a catch. However, he graded a 44.9 while defending Hill.

The matchup most people were talking about all week was not much of a matchup. Tre’Davious White is known as one of the league’s best corners, but not in this one.

White finished with a grade of 44 and allowed three catches for 30 yards. Tyreek Hill had 18 yards after the catch on White, along with two first downs. While they weren’t because of White, Hill did have two drops in the matchup.

For some odd reason, there were three plays that linebacker Tremaine Edmunds was defending Tyreek Hill. Why would Buffalo do that. Tyreek Hill went three for three with 52 yards on Edmunds.

I guess this just goes to show that teams can try whatever they want. But if Tyreek Hill is on the other side, nothing will work.

Featured Image: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports