One of the reasons Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is so good — aside from his incredibly strong arm — is his ability to make off-schedule plays look routine.

Mahomes, thanks in large part because of his past as a baseball player, is able to make throws from various arm slots and positions that other quarterbacks simply can’t make.

Here’s one of the many examples of Mahomes’ falling back on his baseball skills to execute a tough play in the NFL.

Mahomes is also famous for his no-look throws during Chiefs games.

Those no-look throws from Mahomes always look so smooth. There’s a reason for that. While Mahomes is obviously naturally gifted, he still has to work on those throws during practice.

And he’s already been working on them this summer. Let’s just say he looks to be in midseason form. Here’s a casual no-look pass from Mahomes during minicamps last week.

I know that’s a controlled situation, but that’s still a difficult toss to make. Mahomes, however, makes it look so easy that it doesn’t even look that difficult. But just go out in your backyard and try to make that same throw look easy and I promise you’ll quickly grow frustrated.

Mahomes is one of the best for reason. His natural ability combined with his work ethic makes him one of the most dangerous players in the NFL.

Featured image via Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports