The season is over for Kansas City, sadly. But, things like this happen, and we cannot control them. Your favorite sports team can’t win it all every year, that’s just not how it works.

For the Chiefs, it’s almost as if their fans have these unrealistic expectations of their team. Yes, they have who has been considered the best quarterback in the game, and one of the best coaches in the history of the NFL.

However, the team did lose, so it is okay to be disappointed. Especially when no one really saw this coming. But, how did it happen? Who is really responsible for this loss.

Chiefs responsibility needs to go somewhere

When you have a ten-point lead at the half at home, there is no reason to lose. When you win the coin toss at home in overtime, there is no reason you should lose.

The Chiefs played nearly a perfect game in the first half. Patrick Mahomes played a perfect game in the first half. So what happened?

Let’s start from the top, and work our way down. Should Andy Red get some type of blame for this? Well, maybe. The Chiefs kind of just fell apart in the end, and as a coach, the head coach especially, it is your job to not allow that to happen.

Also, how do you go away from running the ball when it was working so well. That is something that does not make much sense, but it falls on the staff.

Let’s move on to assistant coaches and coordinators. Eric Bienemy deserves a bit of blame as well. The play before halftime will go down as one of the worst decisions the coaching staff has made in a playoff game.

They should have kicked the field goal, everyone knows that. However, the chiefs were having such a good first half, that they got cocky and too confident in a way.

Patrick Mahomes may get the most blame for the Chiefs’ loss, and rightfully so. I don’t think we have ever seen the duo of Mahomes and Andy Reid play like this in a playoff game. As a matter of fact, no, we have not.

In a way, it felt like Mahomes was playing like he was trying to not throw an interception. For the type of player he is, Mahomes cannot play like that.

With all that being said, this loss was on the team. Not one individual person or player gets to take full credit, not even a tweet from Mahomes. It’s time to move on from the loss.

However, something we can look at is the offseason. Chiefs fans may be in for the biggest off-season Kansas City has had in a while, so get ready.

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