Kansas City got their season back on track, for the second time this season, with a win over Washington on Sunday. While it is only week six, this was somewhat of a must-win game for the Chiefs. Had they lost this game, the Chiefs would be 2-4 on the season. Now, they are back at .500 on the season and will look to get a good win streak going.

While the Chiefs may not have the best record or a good one at all, they are still one of the best teams in the NFL. This game against Washington showed that, and much more. Looking back at the win, this game means a ton for the Chiefs for a few different reasons.

Kansas City prevails in a must-win game against Washington

Sunday’s win over the Washington Football Team was somewhat of a rollercoaster ride of emotions. After forcing a punt, the Chiefs scored first on their first offensive drive. However, from there they would give up two field goals and a touchdown before the half, all while only scoring ten points.

Just at halftime, the rollercoaster had already been up and then down, trailing at the half. However, knowing this team, the Chiefs would turn it up in the second half, like they normally do.

After halftime, there was no looking back for Kansas City. The team went on to score 21 points in the second portion of the game, while not allowing Washington to score anymore the rest of the game.

The Chiefs got their stuff together at the right time, as this was as big a game as they have had all season. If the Chiefs would have lost this one, they would have been 2-4 on the season, something that has not happened in a while for Kansas City.

The last time the Chiefs were 2-4 or worse was in 2015 when the team started 1-5. Back then, everyone had lost hope for Kansas City to make the playoffs. However, the Chefs would go on to win 11 straight, and finish 12-6 overall, losing in the divisional round.

While drastic turnarounds like that can still happen, they are not likely. With the division looking the way it is right now, falling to 2-4 would have been terrible for the Chiefs. Even now at 3-3, they are technically still in last place for their division.

Winning this game was huge for the Chiefs. Now, they need to build on this and take advantage of the schedule they have coming up. It has been done before, with a worse record, so do not count Kansas City out of the playoffs just yet.

Featured Image Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports