The Kansas City Chiefs are probably still hurting and mourning from the Super Bowl loss, as they should be. Coming off of a historic season in 2019, 2020 was built up to be even better.

Tampa Bay had the best player of all time playing against the Chiefs in Tom Brady. A weapon that in itself is as dangerous as it gets. Of course, now it’s time to bounce back from the tough loss.

The first step of that process can be to reflect on the game and see what went wrong. However, we have already done that a few times. This one will be a bit different, though, because the Chiefs would win if the game was played again, and here is why.

The Chiefs Would Win the Super Bowl if Played Again

There were so many things that had to happen for the Buccaneers to win this game. One of those being that the Chiefs would have to play the worst game they have ever played.

And let’s not forget the storylines coming into this game. You have the crazy crash incident that head coach Andy Reid’s son was involved in, as well as some other people.

Something like that had to be weighing in on Reid’s conscious. Not to mention the fact he was going to have to talk about it just days before the Super Bowl.

Ah yes, the offensive line problems. Even people who did not have their contacts or glasses on could see that the left and right tackles were getting dominated.

Mitchell Schwartz and Eric Fisher being out was something we as fans would have never guessed could stop Kansas City. That’s right, the only thing that could genuinely stop Patrick Mahomes and company was his own team.

Penalties. No, they were not what decided the game, and you should not say that they were the single reason the Chiefs lost because that is not true. However, the early penalties can be demoralizing to a team when the defense can not get off the field.

If the Super Bowl were today, and just a few of these things did not happen, we would be talking about repeat champions. Instead, the “Run It Back.” campaign was ended too early.

Featured Image: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports