Kansas City is at a low point at this moment during the season. In other words, they are not playing like themselves at all. In fact, so much so, that national media outlets have them as the 17th best team in the NFL.

This is something I did not think I would say for another few years. Especially considering this team was just in the super bowl last year, and won it all the year before that.

Another thing I did not think would happen, is having a conversation about whether or not the Chiefs would beat the New York Giants, but here we are.

Some of you will think this does not need to be a discussion, however, last week begs to differ. The Giants are a bad team coming off a big win. While the Chiefs situation may be the complete opposite. The Chiefs are a good team (from what we do know) coming off a terrible week. Which only leads to more discussion.

Chiefs on Monday night should be worried about Giants

Obviously, what we have already discussed is a big reason to be worried about the Chiefs on Monday night. However, let’s dig in a bit deeper into that discussion.

Last week, New York got a giant win over the Carolina Panthers, with a score very similar to the Chiefs game. The Giants beat a very good Panthers defense 25-3 in that one, with an offense that is not very good statistically.

Carolina, had a very good start to the season, showing that they are one of the league’s best defenses. While they have struggled since, losing four straight, their defense is still fairly good.

The Panthers rank third in yards allowed per game with just 307.4, and second in pass yards allowed per game with 197.1, which is very good. The Giants, on the other hand, do not look very good offensively in terms of statistics this season.

This is a team that ranks 19th in total yards per game, and 25th in points scored per game. However, the New York football Giants played great offensively last Sunday, scoring 25 points, six over their season average.

Now, this could carry over into the game for the Chiefs on Monday night, or it could not. Luckily, the Giants offense is bad, very bad. Because the Chiefs defense is also bad, and this game could help them get back on track.

Overall, no, I don’t think Kansas City should be worried about the Giants on Monday night. These two teams have struggled this year, but ultimately, the Chiefs offense is much too powerful for the Giants.

Featured Image Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports