The Las Vegas Raiders have a very important offseason coming up, maybe even more important than the last one. They have to get it right this summer, or the whole thing would have been a waste.

First, they need to see how they can improve their team in free agency. We all know about the rumors of Tom Brady to Las Vegas, and they can’t be ignored. That is where the process of if he does come or doesn’t come starts.

Then is the draft, and this is the part they can’t get wrong because honestly, their draft last season wasn’t very good. They had a few guys make strides from the class, but nothing that just stands out.

In this draft, they have the seventh pick, and there are a lot of different directions they could go with it. But, what could they do if they were to go defense with the pick, arguably their biggest need?

There is a huge possibility the two best defensive guys in this draft don’t make it to the seventh pick in Will Anderson from Alabama and Jalen Carter from Georgia. So, let’s talk about what else they could do, assuming those guys don’t make it that far.

The Raiders’ biggest defensive need is secondary, but this draft is deeper with the secondary players rather than being top-heavy. There are some good guys they could take at seven though. Alabama safety Brian Branch is the one that sticks out the most. He is the only safety that would be worth taking at that spot.

As for cornerbacks, they could choose from two guys that would be worth taking at seven in Oregon’s Christian Gonzalez, and Illinois’ Devon Witherspoon.

But, since the draft is deep in terms of secondary players, I could easily see the Raiders going defensive line here. Because of Maxx Crosby and Chandler Jones on the big contract he is on, I don’t think they would take an edge rusher. However, if they were to, there are some really good guys they could take.

Tyree Wilson, the edge rusher from Texas Tech, maybe the guy with the highest upside at the position. Guys like Lukas Van Ness from Iowa and Myles Murphey from Clemson would be solid picks as well. But, I highly doubt they go edge rusher there.

The one position on the defensive line they do need is an interior defensive lineman. Bryan Bresee is a huge prospect to watch for. He has edge rusher speed at defensive tackle size. He may be the only interior defensive lineman worth taking at seven.

Then there is the linebacker position, which the Raiders could always use some help at. There aren’t any linebackers in this draft that would be close to worth drafting at seven. So, this won’t happen, but to keep the trend going, if they were to take a flyer on a guy, these two would be solid.

Drew Sanders from Arkansas was arguably the best guy at his position in football last year. Trenton Simpson from Clemson is another guy to watch for, as he has a higher upside than Sanders. But, both guys are projected as late first-rounders.

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