The Las Vegas Raiders may very well end up with yet another losing season. Of course, it can’t completely be ruled out yet, but they will most likely finish below .500.

This was definitely a disappointing season, to say the least. But these happen all the time, and if you have been a Raiders fan for a while then you already knew that.

Which is kind of crazy when you consider this was a playoff team just last season. For Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr, he has boarded this rollercoaster before, though.

The coaching carousel has been part of it, too.

“For me, I’ve done it. I’m not saying this to offend anybody, but like I’ve done it so many times that it’s different every time,” Carr said. “There’s carry over and sometimes a coach is like: ‘Oh, yeah, that works,’ or ‘Hey, we’ll see you next year.’ Different pieces, all that kind of stuff, and all that. But for the time being, right now, our expectations were so high because of what we went through.

“Because we’re human, we experienced that. They’ve experienced so much more success than just that. And so, our expectations will never change. And so, as a human, yeah, there’s frustration. Yeah, there’s that. But there’s no belief that we can’t do it, or we can’t get it right, things like that.”

If the Raiders were to fire Josh McDaniels after this season, Carr and some players that have been on the team for over two years now would have to do it all over again, making three coaches in three years.

That just isn’t healthy for a team either, especially when you plan on keeping the same core together. It is exactly what Carr said.

For Derek Carr, history is repeating itself, as he has had plenty of good and bad coaches in his career. However, it seems to never work out.

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