The Las Vegas Raiders have had a tough start to their 2022 season. A lot tougher than I’m sure everyone had imagined. I’m sure there aren’t many people who thought they would be 0-2 heading into Week 3, maybe 1-1, but not 0-2.

The season isn’t over, though. It’s only Week 3, and the Raiders did look good for the large majority of last week. In fact, remember when we all thought it was about to be a blowout against the Cardinals?

This team is better than people think, they have just had it tough. They aren’t the worst team in their own division, even if the record shows that. I know the Raiders believe that and I know Raiders fans believe that, but the media doesn’t.

Raiders ranked too low by The Athletic

The Athletic dropped their power rankings as they do weekly, and the Raiders found themselves at an unrealistic spot. According to The Athletic, the Raiders are the 20th best team in the league.

I see why they are ranked where they are, but they could definitely be ranked higher, and here is why.

They have the Jaguars, Giants, Bengals, Lions, and Broncos all ahead of the Raiders. Maybe it’s because of the records, but I can promise you they aren’t better than the Raiders.

The Bengals are dealing with the same thing the Raiders are, but worse. They have offensive line problems as well, and they are much worse in that department. Just ask Joe Burrow. They also haven’t played anywhere near as tough of opponents as the Raiders have.

The Jaguars, well, let’s not kid ourselves. If these two played each other today it would likely be a blowout in the Raiders’ favor. That is no shot at Jacksonville, either, as they have done a great job so far in 2022. However, look at the two rosters and go from there.

The Lions are the Lions. The Giants are the Giants.

The Denver Broncos, well we have seen what they are dealing with. While they do have a better record, sitting at 1-1, they haven’t played a tough opponent yet. The Broncos have more problems than the Raiders, and they are much worse as well. I still don’t think the Broncos are better than the Raiders, as of right now.

This Raiders team may be sitting at 20, or even worse on some other rankings, but they will get things figured out.

You can read the rest of the power rankings here.

Featured Image Via Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports