The tenure of Jon Gruden as the Raiders’ head coach was a bumpy one.

There were highs on the field, and plenty of lows off of it. Today, some new details emerged regarding the ending of his time as the head coach of the Raiders.

The culprit and situation may surprise you. It involves another NFL organization and its ownership.

According to reports, Washington Commanders Owner Dan Snyder leaked the Jon Gruden emails last year. Those emails were the main reason that the Raiders and Gruden split. 

So, the situation gets even stickier. For months, the leaks were thought to be somewhat of an accident.

Now, the finger pointing will surely begin. In Congress’ latest report surrounding Snyder and the Commanders, this blurb stood out the most regarding the email situation.

According to public court records, in April 2021, Mr. Snyder filed a petition in federal
court seeking to compel documents and information from Mr. Allen. 136 Around the same time,
Mr. Snyder and his lawyers collected more than 400,000 emails from Mr. Allen’s Commanders
email account and used some of them in Mr. Snyder’s public court filings. Mr. Snyder also used
the information collected on Mr. Allen to present “evidence” to the NFL that Mr. Allen was
responsible for the Commanders’ toxic work culture 137
During his deposition, Mr. Snyder admitted that he undertook efforts to implicate Mr.
Did you make presentations to the NFL-
did you or anyone acting on your behalf
make presentations to the NFL regarding Bruce Allen and his role in the toxic
work environment, as you’ve described it?
I believe we did. 138
By June 2021, Mr. Snyder one went step further: he identified for the NFL “specific
inappropriate Bruce Allen emails” to bolster his claims that Mr. Allen was to blame for the toxic
workplace culture. 139 Public reports indicate that, although the NFL found Mr. Allen’s emails
troubling, it determined that they were “outside the scope of the original probe of the
Washington Football Team.”140
Approximately four months later, in October 2021, Mr. Allen learned that many of the
“inappropriate” emails obtained by Mr. Snyder from his Commanders email account had been
leaked to the Wall Street Journal.

In reality, the emails never get seen by the public if it wasn’t for Snyder’s actions.

The legal situation regarding he and his organization ultimately put the Raiders in a bind with Gruden. Of course, Gruden’s comments were deserving of action, but Snyder’s actions brought them to light.

No one could avoid that.

Now, the Raiders have a new coach in Josh McDaniels. The start for him wasn’t pretty, but the team is showing improvement.

What a wild development for Gruden and the Raiders over the past year.

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