The Las Vegas Raiders are playing the best football of their season so far.

The offense looks to be catching stride. Could they be getting more of their talent on offense back soon? It’s a possibility for the Raiders.

Head coach Josh McDaniels gave an update on the status of Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow. 

The Raiders shouldn’t rush the two back, but they do need to continue their winning streak. If either or both can return safely on Thursday, that would be awesome.

They have both missed a month or more due to their injuries, though. That’s a lot of practice time.

Clearly, the process for the Raiders’ offense has changed since the two got injured, too.

That side of the ball has been awesome for the past three games.

Derek Carr has looked more efficient. Davante Adams has been the best wideout in the AFC. Josh Jacobs is one of th best running backs in all of football.

They should not rush Renfrow or Waller back just because they know they are talented pieces. Bring them back along slowly and continue this momentum.

Expect the Raiders to be patient with two of their best players on offense.

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