In Las Vegas, the water is scalding for head coach Josh McDaniels.

At least, the fan base feels that way. Owner Mark Davis has backed his HC consistently over the past few weeks.

Today, McDaniels had some interesting comments.

They don’t really make a ton of sense, considering the roster that he was given to begin the season.

McDaniels acknowledges that it would take time in order for the Raiders to contend, but they were a playoff team just last season?

Not to mention, they added talent at at least one position on both sides of the ball.

The Raiders’ offensive line is fairly similar in terms of talent to last season. They added star wideout Davante Adams.

Yet, the offense, as a whole, has regressed massively.

On defense, Rock Ya-Sin has been a great addition at cornerback. Chandler Jones has not lived up to expectations on the edge, though.

Overall, McDaniels was given a roster that had playoff aspirations.

They nearly beat the AFC’s representative in the Super Bowl in the postseason last year.

This is another great point regarding his comments.

If the Raiders’ roster was not in “long-term shape” then why did McDaniels and co. make “win now” moves when he arrived? That piece does not line up, either.

They brought in multiple veteran pieces and did not extend their running back during the off-season.

Not to mention, they tied their wagon to Derek Carr pretty heftily with his extension.

Overall, McDaniels’ latest comments are not lining up with the Raiders’ actions since he was hired.

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