Offensive coordinator Mick Lombardi knows that for the Raiders to win in Week 2, the offense needs to be better.

Part of doing so means spreading the ball around in the passing game. And after watching the film from Week 1’s brutal loss, Lombardi is taking more responsibility for putting players in better positions to succeed.

“It’s our job as coaches to try and put players in certain spots to succeed,” he said. “Where we put them in the formation of the play in the passing game, we think there’s going to be a certain coverage, and we’re kind of hoping for a certain cover for that play, and then all of a sudden now it shifts to something else.

“It’s just kind of how the game goes and we try and put players in the right spots to kind of get them the football, whether that’s Hunter [Renfrow] Darren [Waller], Mack [Hollins] and Davante [Adams]. And then if that doesn’t happen like that, then the quarterback trusts his footwork and trusts his eyes and it gets to the certain spot where the covers dictates.”

That should be music to Raiders fans’ ears.

In Week 1, Adams received the majority of offensive targets in the passing game (17). And though he is one of the most talented receivers in the game, Las Vegas needs to allow him to compliment players like Waller and Renfrow, rather than take a majority of targets away.

It sounds like Lombardi agrees.

What will also help is if Derek Carr doesn’t turn the ball over by throwing interceptions. If Carr spreads the ball around, he will be harder to stop. And in turn, so will the Raiders.

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