The Las Vegas Raiders are a struggling football team right now.

At the moment, they are slated to pick in the top five of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Fans are calling for a change at head coach. Some are even questioning their quarterback that got a contract extension recently.

There is a lot of tension around the Raiders.

Their owner, Mark Davis, attempted to extinguish some fires today. 

The front office says that McDaniels’ job is not in danger right now.

Talk is talk, but actions are different.

Today’s statement from the Raiders may actually do the opposite of what people expect.

Comments about job safety normally come before jobs are taken. Take a look at the situation in Indianapolis from this season.

The Colts’ front office preached patience with head coach Frank Reich. They even backed him up in the weeks right before firing him.

Reich is now jobless, and the Colts have moved on already.

So, this situation could be similar for the Raiders.

McDaniels may be on his last leg with the front office, but they are doubling down on him to give him some confidence. Don’t take the reports at face value.

If McDaniels’ position was completely safe, the front office probably would not even address these discussions.

Instead, the Raiders are backing him as they sit in the basement of the AFC.

The next week or so could prove to make or break McDaniels as the head coach of the Raiders.

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