The Las Vegas Raiders are in flux at the quarterback position.

The future of one legendary quarterback is also in question at the moment. In the Wild Card round of the postseason, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took a beatdown from the Dallas Cowboys.

Bucs QB Tom Brady didn’t play his best game, but the entire team struggled. Brady’s time in Tampa Bay seems to be over.

Where will he go next or will he retire?

If he keeps playing, DraftKings believes that the Raiders will be a serious suitor for the future Hall of Fame quarterback. 

The odds that the Raiders are Brady’s next team sits at +250.

The only team with better odds are the Buccaneers, but his comments after the game last night seemed topping at an end to his time in TB.

For the Raiders, it would make some sense.

They could make the move work financially, and Brady could have some interest.

Las Vegas has great pass catchers and his former offensive coordinator in Josh McDaniels. Brady and McDaniels have a strong relationship, and his play-calling plays into the favor of Brady.

The offensive line was a bit inconsistent, but young players showed potential this season. The Raiders could focus other money and draft picks to improving the defense.

Not to mention, signing Brady could help the Raiders sign other talent at a discount. Players, especially veterans, want to play with Brady and contend.

The Raiders could provide them with that opportunity if they got the QB.

It would be a risky move, but next year feels like the last one for Brady if he does return. If it doesn’t work, at least you made an aggressive move to try and win right now.

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