The Las Vegas Raiders will soon have a new starting quarterback.

That guy probably isn’t in the building right. It certainly is not Derek Carr, and that became official today as he wrote a goodbye to the fan base.

Even if his performances were disappointing at time, you could never doubt his dedication to the Raiders.

Now, both sides are in a bit of an intriguing situation. Carr has a no trade clause. He is only getting moved via trade to a team that he prefers.

For the Raiders, the timeline is short.

Carr isn’t moving back his deadline to get moved on way or another, so he will be cut or traded by the middle of February.

Las Vegas will have multiple suitors.

Tom Brady doesn’t seem to be going back to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after this season, so could he go to Tampa?

What about the Saints or Commanders? Both of those teams have quarterback instability with a lot of talent at the positions.

A team like the Colts could be in the hunt for a QB like Carr as well.

Regardless, the Raiders will need to make a franchise-altering decision.

They’ve only got just over a month to find the best possible trade partner for them that Carr also approves of. That’s definitely easier said than done.

They must try to avoid losing Carr for nothing, though. Cutting him should be their last-ditch effort to move on on the fifteenth of February.

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