There is no secret as to what the biggest strength is for Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams. For years, Adams has been a modern marvel in the NFL for his route running ability. Fans notice it. Scouts notice it. Teams notice it. Who else noticed it? None other than legendary WR Chad Ochocinco.

What did Chad Ochocinco have to say about Davante Adams?

Most folks would agree with the former NFL standout receiver. There is a reason that every NFL Draft prospect with elite route running traits gets compared to Adams. Everyone is looking for the next Davante Adams. Luckily for the Raiders, there is only one Davante Adams in the league.

Adams is ridiculously smooth in and out of his cuts, and he’s dangerous with the ball in his hands as well. He’s dynamic no matter what. Now, in Las Vegas, he is reunited with his college QB in Derek Carr. The connection and chemistry are already there, so expect his production to continue to be elite.

Adams has been at the top of the route running game for multiple years, too. This isn’t anything new for the former Green Bay Packers star wideout. He has been sitting atop WR power rankings for the past few seasons. Fellow star wide receivers Cooper Kupp, Justin Jefferson, and Ja’Marr Chase have joined him in the conversation for the best receiver in the game.

The shoutout from Ochocinco just makes the case for Adams even stronger. There are only a few wide receivers who know as much as him about the nuances of playing wide receiver in today’s game.

Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports