Josh McDaniels and the Las Vegas Raiders are in the basement of the AFC West. They have a top five projected pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. They have uncertainty at quarterback.

Overall, it hasn’t the season that many expected it to be for the Raiders.

Now, fans want change.

The Raiders’ front office has preached patience for HC Josh McDaniels, but fans are not as forgiving.

According to one ESPN analyst, the Raiders have a reason that they don’t want to mention for not being able to fire McDaniels this season.

Bill Plaschke believes that it is a money issue for Las Vegas, according to his sources.

The reason the #Raiders won’t fire Josh McDaniels is financial – “They don’t have the money to fire him.”

The team is “cash poor” and can’t afford to fire McDaniels and then pay another coach.

If this is the case, the Raiders are really in trouble.

Further than coaching, an organization drowning in funds shortly after relocating would be a horrific look. Those problems would go much deeper than on-field performances by players or their staff.

This is not a cap space issue for Las Vegas. It is a cash flow issue, according to these reports. 

According to a Pro Football Network article, the Raiders’ ownership ranks 31st out of 32 teams when it comes to net worth.

That being said, Mark Davis’ net worth fluctuates around $500 million. You read that correctly.

So no, his funds aren’t quite as high as some of the other owners around the NFL, but that is still plenty of money to be able to make the correct moves for your franchise.

The correct decision would be to admit that hiring McDaniels was a mistake and move on.

It sounds like the Raiders have a massive internal problem at the top, starting with owner Mark Davis.

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