The Las Vegas Raiders may or may not have running back Josh Jacobs in the future.

His contract is expiring, and the team could choose to spend money elsewhere. Jacobs was the best running back in football this season, and fans will definitely want them to bring their star RB back.

Regardless, the NFL is a business, and Jacobs may choose to move on if the Raiders do not give him what he wants or choose not to franchise tag him.

Jacobs had an intriguing comment about the coaching staff in Las Vegas, though.

He gave a ton of credit to Josh McDaniels and his offensive staff.

Gruden was looked at as one of the top offensive minds during his time as a coach in the NFL.

Now, it sounds like Jacobs certainly prefers McDaniels. It makes sense, though.

His most productive season came this year with McDaniels and a mediocre offensive line. Clearly, something about the scheme in the running game was working consistently for Jacobs and the Raiders.

For the future, it is something that could excite Raiders’ fans.

If Jacobs feels this way about McDaniels, he may be partial to take a bit of a discount to stay in Las Vegas.

Additionally, it could make them feel that their offense is in good hands no matter if Jacobs stays or not. McDaniels’ tenure got off to a bumpy start, but the close to the season brought many more positives.

Jacobs’ comments are certainly interesting for the future of the Raiders’ offense.

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