The Las Vegas Raiders are on fire right now.

They have won three straight games. Their offense looks really impressive. The defensive line is creating pressure. The Raiders are simply making big plays.

Speaking of fire, the stars on the team may have lit a fire under their teammates weeks ago.

After a loss, Davante Adams, Derek Carr, and owner Mark Davis preached patience for the coaching staff.

Adams and Carr felt like the players simply just needed to perform. Davis retained confidence in his new head coach.

Fast forward nearly a month, and the improvement is clear for the Raiders.

The elite talent on the roster is showing up.

Davante Adams looks like arguably the best receiver in football again. Chandler Jones is showing why the Raiders paid him during this past off-season. Josh Jacobs is continuing his breakout season.

Everything is coming together for Las Vegas.

Now, the performances may be coming just a tad late for the Raiders. Only time will tell.

Regardless, it is clear that the Raiders are playing the football that many fans expected them to when this season started.

It is no coincidence that this gain of confidence happened when the team was at its lowest.

They are battling back and showing that they will not just roll over for the remainder of the season. The Raiders are trying to sneak back into the playoff hunt.

They will need to keep winning and get some help, but the horizon is brighter in Las Vegas right now.

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