Josh Jacobs’ life just got a little bit easier.

After news broke that he is expected to play in Thursday’s matchup with the LA Rams, he also found out Rams’ defensive star Aaron Donald was ruled out of the contest. Imagine the amount of running room now.

“We’ll all be happy,” Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels said of his team if it didn’t have to face Donald. “I mean, that’s easy to say. It’s not easy to accomplish because of how good he is.”

Without Donald in the mix, it’ll be even easier for a hobbled Jacobs to continue his recent hot streak unimpeded.

What Josh Jacobs means to the Raiders

During the Raiders’ three-game win streak, Jacobs has amassed 109, 229, and 144 rushing yards. He’s been the engine that drives a Raiders offense featuring star receiver Davante Adams.

He also had one of the most impressive walk-off touchdowns a few weeks ago.

Shockingly, Las Vegas isn’t out of the playoff hunt, thanks to Jacobs. His play has inspired an offense that a month ago looked listless and lifeless.

Jacobs has also made next offseason a difficult one as the Raiders don’t hold a fifth-year option on the running back. He’s played his way into a larger contract. And the Raiders are the ones going to be mining for Jacobs’ asking price.

But that is all down the road.

Right now, the Raiders are focused on winning Thursday night. With Jacobs ready to go and Donald out of the mix, life just got a little easier.

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