The Las Vegas Raiders have already played in a football atmosphere, them and the Jaguars. Meanwhile, the rest of the NFL is waiting for their turn at their fix for football action. It is definitely an advantage to get to play in the Hall of Fame preseason game. Your first game is a whole week, and some, before the first week of preseason games.

While yes it was a preseason game, there was some importance to it. Some players that usually don’t get a chance to shine, got to. One of those players got some high praise from head coach Josh McDaniels.

Raiders’ Stidham provides some security early in preseason

Jarrett Stidham may not start a game for the Raiders, and that is okay because technically it is not his job. Derek Carr is the quarterback of this team, but it has to feel good knowing if anything did happen to Carr, Stidham would be ready.

Stidham worked with McDaniels in New England, which is why he was brought in. Among that, McDaniels explained why he likes Stidham.

“Great kid, smart, works hard at the game, hasn’t had a tremendous number of opportunities just based on the circumstances that he came in under (Tom Brady),” McDaniels told reporters Monday. “Dealt with an injury a year and a half ago that kind of slowed him down a little bit, but he’s healthy now, and understands what he is trying to do. 

“He ran the offense pretty efficiently the other night, took care of the ball, and made some plays with his legs, so again, to me, I see him as a young player who is continuing to develop and improve, we have not reached his peak yet. We have a lot of players on our team I’d say that about, but certainly, Jarrett is one of them.”

McDaniels is right. Stidham ran that offense to perfection if we are being honest. It’s because he has been in it for years now, and knows it better than anyone else on the team. That is another reason why McDaniels likes him so much.

Let’s not forget in 2016, when Derek Carr led the Raiders to the playoffs, but was unable to play due to an injury against the Colts in week 16. Carr broke his fibula and Matt McGloin was forced to start at quarterback. Stidham can run the offense, and if a situation like that happened again, the Raiders would not be in the disastrous position they were in that year.

The praise that the backup quarterback was receiving is great. You want to hear your coach talk about the backup like that. Like we said before if anything were to happen, you don’t have to worry about that next guy up not knowing how to run the offense.

I’m sure we will see more of Stidham this preseason, and I’m sure this won’t be the last good thing we hear about him.

Featured Image Via Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports