The Las Vegas Raiders have to get this draft right because frankly, the last one wasn’t great. This draft is way deeper, and they have better picks.

In fact, what should they do with their first pick coming in at the seventh team on the clock? There are a ton of things the Raiders could do, and there isn’t really a wrong direction to go. But, if they were to go offense at number seven, here are some of the things we could see happen.

Let’s start with trading the pick away. Teams that are middle of the lottery in terms of pick (6-14) trade their pick all of the time. Most of the time they get a player in return or multiple great picks for one pick. The Raiders could see nothing they really like at seven based on what’s on the board and easily go in that direction.

The biggest thing we have heard people talk about so far this offseason, in terms of what Las Vegas should do, is to take a quarterback. A lot of fans and media members make the connection with the draft pick because of Las Vegas parting ways with Derek Carr. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will take a quarterback with their first pick.

They pick at seven, and the two guys everyone wants in this draft are C.J. Stroud and Bryce Young, the two Heisman candidates. But, I don’t think either guy will be available at seven. In fact, the guy I do think will be available is Will Levis, but I am not his biggest fan.

I think the Raiders could wait for a round or two and get a rookie quarterback that will be better than Levis like Hendon Hooker, Tanner McKee, or even Aiden O’Connell. So personally, I wouldn’t go quarterback just yet.

If they do want to go offense at number seven, I feel like there is a huge chance they go offensive line. There are two guys on the offensive line that would be worth taking at seven, that could possibly be available. There is Paris Johnson Jr. from Ohio State who played offensive tackle, and then there is another offensive tackle Peter Skoronski from Northwestern.

One of the Raiders’ biggest needs is the offensive line, after everything else on defense. They can choose from two solid guys to help protect whoever their quarterback will be.

If they were for some odd reason to go receiver that high in the draft, Quentin Johnston from TCU or Zay Flowers from Boston College wouldn’t be terrible picks, but I don’t know why they would go receiver that high in the draft.

That is just every possible outcome that has a chance of happening in terms of the Raiders going offense on their first pick. While their offense was the better part of their team, I could still see them going in that direction at seven. But, they should go defense.

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