The Las Vegas Raiders finally won their first game of the season after starting the 2022 season 0-3. There was actually a stat that came out that reported the Raiders were the first 0-3 team to be the only 0-3 team in the league since 1959. That stat makes this win feel even sweeter.

We knew that this team had what it took to win ball games, they just had to put it all together, and go out there and execute. That’s exactly what the Raiders did, too.

This win was huge, and now they can build off of it for the future. It’s a new season from here on out, and let’s see what they can put together.

Fans should be proud of both sides of the ball. However, the offense made some huge improvements. They were even able to break a Broncos streak that has been going on all year.

Broncos lose crazy streak to Raiders in loss

The Denver Broncos are a great defense and have been so far this year, I don’t think we can dispute that no matter how much the two fanbases hate each other. However, on Sunday against the Raiders, they didn’t play as well as we have seen them.

The Raiders’ offense was just better on Sunday. So much so, they ended a Broncos’ streak that was held by the defense.

On the year, before the game in Week 4, the Broncos hadn’t allowed a team to score a touchdown in the second half.

On Sunday, the Raiders ended that streak, as they scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter to ice the game. The touchdown was scored by Josh Jacobs, who ran most of the drive.

The Broncos’ defense was getting injured left and right. So, the Raiders took advantage of that and dominated them on the ground, rushing for 212 yards.

The Raiders needed this win more than any other team needed a win this week. Now that the first one is out of the way, and the fact it was to a division rival, the fans will sleep well at night.

Featured Image Via Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports