The Las Vegas Raiders have some of the best weapons in all of football surrounding quarterback Derek Carr. They have the best receiver in football in Davante Adams. They have a top-3 tight end in football in Darren Waller. They have one of the best slot guys in Hunter Renfrow.

And, they have the 28th best running back in the league.

Wait. That doesn’t sound right.

Unfortunately, yes, you read that right. Josh Jacobs is apparently the 28th best running back in all of football. Did I mention there are 32 teams that have just one starting running back position in the NFL?

That is four positions away from dead last in terms of starting-caliber backs.

And you will never guess who ranked him that high.

Former Raider Maurice Jones-Drew hits Josh Jacobs some major disrespect

You would think that Jones-Drew would show some more love to the silver and black. Especially considering the fact that he was, at one time, an Oakland Raider.

Below is what MJD wrote regarding his reasoning as to why he has Jacobs so low:

“After a promising rookie campaign, Jacobs has averaged fewer carries – and rushing/scrimmage yards – per game in each ensuing season of his career. He has a lot of miles on his legs after just three seasons and he’s been banged up. With Jacobs having never played a full regular-season slate can he handle being the starter on a legit contender? If he can’t, Kenyan Drake will be waiting to capitalize.”

Frankly, this feels like an insane take that is just begging for attention. Raheem Mostert on the Miami Dolphins, Breece Hall on the New York Jets, Miles Sanders on the Philadelphia Eagles, and Marlon Mack on the Houston Texans are all ranked lower than Jacobs.

In my opinion, Jacobs should not even be talked about in the same conversation as those guys. So why would Jones-Drew rank him so low?

While I see where he is coming from, those reasons still don’t warrant a ranking that low. I would still have Jacobs in the top-15, or at least in the top-20. I think you could even make the case for him being closer top-10, inside the top-15. 

Jacbos’ athleticism and his combination of size and speed alone puts him higher than most running backs in the NFL.

Regardless of what MJD says, Jacobs will just have to prove him wrong. I’m sure MJD is just another name added to his list of doubters.

I’m predicting Jacobs will finish as a top 10 running back this year, by both running and catching the ball.

You can read the rest of Jones-Drews’ article here.

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