The Las Vegas Raiders are expected to do the unthinkable after the 2022 season, which I think no one would have predicted before the season started.

Coming into this season, we all thought this team would at least compete for the playoffs, considering they made it last season with a worse roster.

Obviously now I think that is out of the question.

So what are the Raiders doing? Well, the unthinkable.

Steve Wyche, an NFL analyst for NFL Network, expects this roster to look completely different next season.

He said on NFL Network, “I think this offseason, there is going to be a gutting. They took the shot by signing some of these guys and doing some things, but I think this roster is going to be cleaned the same way Mark Davis gave Jon Gruden that… to clean the roster, I think he is going to do the same for Josh McDaniels.”

I mean, it does make sense when you factor in the Gruden point. He [Mark David] did the exact same thing with him.

So, what exactly does ‘gutting’ the roster mean? Well, I think that could mean a few things.

Before the season started there was reason to believe running back Josh Jacobs would either be traded or his fifth-year option would not be picked up.

Now, it seems that Jacobs could potentially be on a different team next season. Derek Carr is another potential candidate of said roster gutting.

This is huge, and frankly, now I think it would be the right decision.

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