The first time the Las Vegas Raiders played the Denver Broncos this season, was their first great offensive performance of the year. I mean, head coach Josh McDaniels said it best, they want to play balanced, and that’s what they did then.

Then in Week 11, the Raiders did exactly the same to the Broncos again, but this time in walk-off fashion. Week 12 was the same thing against the Seattle Seahawks, but also in walk-off fashion.

Those three games were the most complete offensive games they have put together this season. It just so happens that they won all of those games too. Three of their four wins, to be exact.

That’s what the Raiders want to do. They want to have a balanced offense, but every single game.

“Yeah, I think all season we’ve wanted to be balanced,” quarterback Derek Carr said earlier this week. “That’s any offense you watch with Josh [McDaniels]. He’s always wanted a balanced attack.

Carr isn’t wrong either. You look at McDaniels and the offenses he has had over the years in New England with the Patriots, and they are as balanced as it gets

Here is an offense that had Tom Brady at quarterback, but was still able to run the ball effectively with multiple running backs.

“Even when the Patriots were winning big, they were still running the ball super efficiently in the playoffs and down the stretch and all those things,” Carr continued.

“It’s something that we want to do, but some game situations get you out of that a little bit because of the clock running and not being able to get out of bounds as easily and all that kind of stuff. So, for us, we’re always trying to be a balanced attack. I don’t know, probably all Wing-T this week though, and triple option.”

The Raiders have done that in the last two games.

Josh Jacobs has been the focal point of the Raiders’ offense. As the league’s leading rusher, it starts on the ground for Las Vegas. He sets up everything else though.

Just when you think the Raiders will run it again, they hit you with a deep corner route to Davante Adams to win the game in overtime. Just ask Denver.

Then, when you are hitting the defense with pass after pass after pass, it sets up the potential to have a big run with the defense playing off of the line of scrimmage. I don’t know, maybe an 86-yard touchdown run.

Las Vegas is on its way to being what they want to be consistently. But, the last two games, they were what they have wanted to be all season long.

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