The Las Vegas Raiders have won their last two games by playing one way. Their games didn’t start that way, but they definitely finished how they were supposed to.

Against the Broncos and Seahawks, the Raiders started slow, as most offenses do. They tried to ground and pound, and establish the run game early, and it worked.

In overtime of both games, they went uptempo, and it worked, twice. The walk-off touchdown to Davante Adams and the touchdown run by Josh Jacobs were both in an uptempo offense.

Ask any quarterback and they probably like going uptempo, especially late in the game.

“It’s something I’ve always loved, maybe it’s because that’s how I played in college, just playing as fast as possible,” Carr said earlier in the week.

And Carr should love it because in late-game situations he is nearly perfect. This is a guy that is clutch, and people don’t even know it. Just ask his 9-1 overtime record, 27 fourth-quarter comebacks, and 33 game-winning drives.

I’d be interested to see how many times he is in an uptempo offense in those situations because I bet it is a lot. Carr is used to being uptempo, which is why he is so good during that pace of play.

“There is certain tempos in college that I don’t think you need in the NFL, but playing fast has always been fun for me, and I enjoy it, and there’s a time and a place for it. I’m not so wise to know when that is; coaches study those things and he [Josh McDaniels] would know better than I do. He’s looking at the whole team aspect of it.

“But also, when you huddle and do things different ways, you can get in different shifts and different kinds of things that you can’t really do up-tempo. So, it depends on what you want to do.”

Going uptempo is so good for the offense if it’s being run right. It allows the offense to keep the defense on its toes.

If you go uptempo, a lot of times the defense won’t be able to see what you’re in and try to guess what’s happening, and things of that nature. They also oftentimes don’t have enough time to get their defense set up or get in the defense they want to be based on the look of the offense.

Based on the Raider’s play, Carrs’ play, and what Carr is saying, I definitely think the Raiders should try going uptempo more often.

I mean, what’s the worst that can happen?

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