It’s been a while since the Las Vegas Raiders last played their division for the Los Angeles Chargers. Since Week 1 to be exact, and a lot of things have changed since, especially in the passing game.

This team has completely changed how their entire offense works, and because of how it is now, has allowed the passing game to

“Well, I think we’ve come a long way,” star receiver Davante Adams said on Wednesday.

And they have come a long way, in a few different ways. The biggest one is how efficient it has been between the game through the air and the game on the ground.

“It’s just about situational awareness more so than anything. Not penalizing ourselves and putting ourselves in tougher down and distances. I feel like that’s what we did this past game and that’s why we performed the way we did on third downs.

“You make it a hell of a lot easier if you got two, three, four, five, six yards to go, rather than 29. That makes a hell of a difference for yourself. We just got to be more disciplined and continue doing what we’re doing.”

We saw a ton of what Adams explained against the Broncos, both times, but especially last week, and against the Seahawks. Both games were played exactly the way they needed to be.

If the Raiders can continue to play like that, and do exactly what Adams is saying they are doing right, then I don’t think there is a reason why they couldn’t at least continue to compete every week.

It’s being more efficient on crucial downs that are helping the Raiders. Not to mention, the Raiders aren’t beating themselves anymore. Everything is just working so much better.

You can tell Las Vegas has its stuff together or is at least on its way to doing so.

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