The Las Vegas Raiders moved on from Derek Carr this season, and it was truly a move that shocked everyone. But, that means they are now in the market for a quarterback, and the whole world is waiting, watching to see what they will do with their first pick, the seventh pick in the 2023 draft.

Sure, they could go, quarterback, as there are some pretty good ones in this draft. But they could also sign one in free agency like I don’t know, Tom Brady, maybe? Or, they could stay with Jarrett Stidham for one more year, as he did look pretty impressive when he started against San Francisco.

We don’t really know what they will do. In fact, I don’t think anyone has a clue. But, if they were to go quarterback in the draft, there are some guys who could fall to them, and there is one that has a lot of raw, untapped potential, and he could be the next superstar of the league.

Anthony Richardson, the Florida quarterback, drew comparisons to Cam Newton all year. But, as we all know, he isn’t on the same level Newton was on in college and certainly not in the professionals. But, can he be?

Scouts seem to think so. I mean, the talent is there, but he needs a lot of development. However, with the right development, he could be an elite dual-threat quarterback. We saw that in his first start in 2022 against Utah, where he lit up a defense that was pretty good on the year.

Then, it seemed like we didn’t really see a performance that good from him again. But, that could be because of the poor system he was in last season.

Richardson isn’t quite the same size as Newton, but he is pretty close, to say the least. Newton, a staggering 6’5″ and 245 pounds with the ability to run like a gazelle, is just different. But, Richardson is 6’4″ 231 pounds, and can also run very strong and fast.

He has all the physical tools, including a great throwing motion that allows him to have quite the arm throwing downfield. He has a cannon and can get the ball downfield, but it’s more about getting it to his receivers. If there is one thing throwing-wise he needs to work on, it’s accuracy.

Mainly, it’s the accuracy downfield and in the intermediate areas.

Richardson also needs to learn how to read defenses a bit better. He seemed to struggle in college with the blitz and learning when teams were blitzing, and when they weren’t. But, a lot of college quarterbacks struggle with that.

He is a guy that will need some work. But, he has the potential to be the best quarterback in the league, and in my opinion, he also has the potential to be a bust. There is a high ceiling here and a low floor with Richardson, but this is all subjective.

He is ranked by Pro Football Focus as the 11th-best player in the draft, and the fourth-best quarterback in the draft. If the Raiders want to take a flyer on him and develop this guy into something special, they can at seven if he is available.

With where they are drafting, this would be the best route to go if they did want to take a quarterback.

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