The Las Vegas Raiders were definitely better on offense last season than they were on defense. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t get better on offense. For the first half of the season, the Raiders had one of the worst offensive lines in the league.

During the second part of the season, they got better but still weren’t great at all. With the offseason and the draft coming up, they could build their offensive line where it needs to be.

In my subjective opinion, the offensive line is the hardest thing the build in the NFL, at least an elite offensive line is. So, that’s why you see the teams who have a good offensive line draft guys early and pay a lot of money for players in the unit.

Teams like the Chiefs and the Eagles, who may have the best offensive lines in football, drafted guys early and paid for some good guys on the line.

The Raiders will have to do that, and it will be good to have a good offensive line when they get their young new quarterback under center, that way he isn’t running for his life every play like Justin Fields is and Trevor Lawrence was last season.

Luckily this draft has two guys that are really good on the line that could be available with the seventh pick. Of course, there is Paris Johnson, who we already did a draft profile over, and there is Peter Skoronski, the tackle from Northwestern.

If Johnson isn’t available, and even if he is, Skoronski would be a great guy to build your future offensive line around.

The junior tackle can play almost every position on the line, and since he does have smaller arms, will likely play guard some in the league, based on who drafts him, of course. 

The 6’4″ brick wall had some amazing pass block reps in college, some that you have to see to believe. Per Pro Football Focus, he allowed only six pressures on 474 pass-blocking snaps. If that doesn’t scream absolute beast, I don’t know what will.

Skoronski is the 13th-ranked player according to PFF, so he will likely be available when the Raiders pick at seven, but he plays a position that a lot of the higher teams need, so he could be gone. It wouldn’t surprise me, though, as his potential is amazing.

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