The Las Vegas Raiders had their season end the way we didn’t think it would six months ago. We thought this would be a playoff team, considering they were last season, and this team was better on paper.

But, that was the complete opposite. Honestly, they weren’t close to making the playoffs. And, even if they did make it, who is to say they would have won a game? They didn’t win one last year, and the odds definitely aren’t in their favor.

No, really, the Las Vegas Raiders have an impressive streak going for them, but it isn’t one to be proud of.

After not making the playoffs in 2022, the Raiders now have gone 20 straight seasons without a playoff win, which is the third most of all time. But, they could end up having the second longest streak behind the Lions in 30 seasons, as the Dolphins are ahead of them with 21, but could win this weekend.

Is this something to be proud of? Absolutely not. But, this is impressive, especially when you consider some of the players the Raiders have had since then, yet they can’t win one post-season game.

Let’s also just throw out there that before those 20 years, the Raiders were one of the more admired and respected franchises due to their success. I don’t know if they have that same vibe around the league now.

Hopefully, after a full season in McDaniels’ system, and with the guys, they have on the team, the Raiders can end that streak next season. But, it won’t be easy.

Featured image Via Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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