The Las Vegas Raiders are the first team in 2022 to get some real football action. They were the first team to start training camp, and now they are the first team to play a game. Well, technically tied for first with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

While, yes, it is pre-season, it is still football we have not had for what feels like years now. And now, it is finally here. The Las Vegas Raiders will play the Jaguars in the Hall of Fame Game this year, as the first real organized football game of the year. Since most starters will likely not play, here are three things to watch for on Thursday if you are a Raiders fan.

Three things to watch during Raiders vs Jaguars

1. McDaniels’ play calling/clock management

Josh McDaniels has been a head coach before, but it didn’t go great.

Just ask the Broncos.

However, there is optimism that this time is different. 

We have heard rumors about the play calling, and the playbook is very similar to the New England Patriots. Well, this is where we will find out a little more information. Another thing to watch is his clock management if the game does get into any situations where the clock is important. There are some great coaches out there that can’t manage the clock well, and we don’t want that.

And while this game literally has no bearing on the regular season in regard to any kind of result, McDaniels’ in-game management is still a viable trait to evaluate.

2. Wide Receiver 3

We know who wide receiver one is in Davante Adams, and we know who two is in Hunter Renfrow. However, we have not quite figured out yet who will be the third receiver, and that is something a lot of people are interested in.

Some names to watch for are Mack Hollins, who has been everywhere during camp and is listed as Adams’ backup. Tyron Johnson may also be another receiver to watch for as he was on the Raiders last year and has had a good training camp also.

It will be interesting to see which receivers line up where in terms of on the field. But, what will be even more interesting is seeing if the same receivers line up in the same way the next week. Either way, it all starts, here.

3. Can Raiders youngsters work their way into the starting lineup?

The offensive line has been a large part of the conversation during training camp, and there are a few reasons why. Fans and media are set to believe that the Raiders don’t yet have the entire starting offensive line in place yet. Yes, some spots are already known, but others aren’t.

Here are a few names to watch for on Thursday when it comes to the offensive line. Watch how good rookie guard Dylan Parham is and how many reps he gets. Parham was the team’s first pick in the draft in the third round, so it will be interesting to see how much they get him involved, along with some other guys like Lester Cotton Sr.

This game won’t have many players that a lot of fans don’t know, That’s okay though. Have fun on Thursday and just be glad that football is back.

And in case you want to get a grip on the guys to watch for, the Raiders’ first depth chart is below.

Featured image via  Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports