The Las Vegas Raiders are looking to break their losing streak this weekend. They are the only AFC West team without a win, and that could very easily change on Sunday when they face the Tennessee Titans.

The Raiders are having struggles, but hey, so are a few other teams. The Raider’s very own AFC West rivals, the Denver Broncos are having their own struggles as well, and could very well be 0-2 also.

The Raiders have everything they need to be successful in 2022. We have broken down all of the moves they have made this year, so you already know. Now, they just have to go out and do it. This week could be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Titans perfect opponent to get the Raider’s season back on track

We have seen what the Raiders are dealing with. They are five or six plays from being 2-0 right now. In the Chargers game, they could have won. In the Cardinals game, they should have won.

They were up big on Arizona, and there was no reason they should have blown that lead. In the second half, the defense was almost non-existent and the offense just laid an egg over and over.

However, there is some good news that comes with Week 3. The Raiders get to play the Tennessee Titans.

Now, the Titans weren’t supposed to be a bad team this year. Were they going to be as good as last year? Maybe not. They lost A.J. Brown via trade with the Eagles, Harold Landry, one of their best pass rushers to a season-ending injury, and a few other players are no longer there as well.

While everyone expected them to still be decent, it hasn’t looked that way so far. They are in the same boat as the Raiders in terms of records, both sitting at 0-2, but someone has to win on Sunday.

They lost their first game by the skin of their teeth to the New York Giants, who are surprisingly 2-0 right now. Then, on Monday Night Football, they were destroyed by the Buffalo Bills.

The final score was 41-7, but could have been much worse had the Bills not pulled their starters in the third quarter. It just wasn’t good.

The point is, this Titans team looks like a very bad team, so far. While, yes, they can still turn things around and even win Sunday, I’d take my chances with the raiders instead.

Las Vegas is far more balanced and built better to compete this season. The Titans can’t continue to rely on Derrick Henry, especially when they are losing and need to pass to get back into the game.

There is something different about this Raiders team. They don’t look like a team who should be 0-2 right now. They are going to use this week against a bad Titans team to get back on track.

Not to mention, the Raiders are pissed about the national talk they are getting, as they should be. They are going to come out and not let their foot up off the gas.

Featured Image Via Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports