The Las Vegas Raiders are looking like one of the worst teams in football, we can’t deny that. I think nearly every fan of the silver and black has been completely blindsided.

There were high expectations for this team in 2022. Especially when you consider that this team is much better on paper than last year, yet the 2021 team made the playoffs.

There are a ton of questions, about everything. One of the biggest just so happens to be the new head coach, Josh McDaniels. He recently shared his opinion on what needs to change for the Raiders.

“First of all I believe in our group, 100%,” McDaniels told the media on Monday. “I believe in them because they have proven to me in practice and they have shown it to me over and over that we can do those things. Winning in the NFL is hard, we know that. That’s our job, we got to win. There’s no shortcut to it.

“We do believe that if we execute it out there on the practice field, that we have a good chance to execute it right in the game. Continue to build our trust, our communication, our execution, because, let’s face it, there are three or four plays every game that change the outcome… Our overall execution from the beginning to the end, that’s what we are going to need to work on to try and improve and make winning plays all four quarters.”

It’s clear there are issues with this team. However, most people are exactly sure what it is, which is why everyone is pointing to McDaniels. They have the offense on paper, they have the defense on paper, so coaching is the only thing left to blame, really.

Executing and practice habits start with coaching. They are what practice starts with. If the coaching isn’t putting together great game plans and practices to put the players in the best position to succeed, then whose fault is that? My vote is for the coach.

I do, however, think McDaniels will get things turned around. I think he learned enough from his first head coach job in Denver to not make the same mistakes. yes, he is doing that so far, but he still has a chance to make a difference.

This team has so much potential, it’s crazy. Let’s see if they can start putting things together now. It starts this next week against their AFC West division rivals the Denver Broncos, who currently sit second in the division behind Kansas City. Let’s see if they can get something going.

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