The Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos had some ties coming into their Week 11 matchup, and not the usual division opponent ones. So, Raiders’ head coach Josh McDaniels didn’t have to say what he did.

“This [Denver Broncos] is one of the great organizations in the National Football League and this is an incredible environment,” McDaniels said after beating the Broncos.

“It always has been. The fans are tremendous. They do an awesome job of supporting their team, and it is a tough place to play.”

The Broncos and the Raiders have something in common. By 2025, in my opinion, McDaniels would have coached for both teams by then. Yes, past tense.

We all know about the Broncos and Mcdaniels’ first-ever head coaching job there, and how it went worse than you can probably imagine.

Because of how it went, things kind of ended a little rough there between the two sides. So on Sunday, it was his first time coaching back in Denver as the head coach, so you could only assume he would get some boos.

Because of that, and because of how things ended, McDaniels didn’t have to say those things and be that nice to the Denver Broncos organization. I’m sure those things were hard to say, given the way they both may feel about one another.

But it probably makes McDaniels feel a lot better when he realizes he has now swept, or beat twice, the team he once coached for and was fired by. I’m sure that will make everything feel a bit better, even if he is having a bad season.

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