The Las Vegas Raiders offense has an issue. They tend to go away from what works for them. For some odd reason.

That is exactly what happened in the loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The first half was amazing in terms of what was happening. They were doing everything right, including throwing the ball.

Then, they went away from it.

Head coach Josh McDaniels said earlier in the week that the Jaguars changed some things defensively that made them go away from it.

However, things still could have been done differently in terms of the play calling.

“I think every series you go out there and you try to have a series of plays and you just try to execute the job to the best of your ability,” offensive coordinator Mick Lombardi said. “So, whether it’s scheme or whether it’s execution, I think everything could have been a little bit better on Sunday in terms of the second half and just stringing positive plays together.

“So, execution on a consistent basis is something that we’re going to have to continue to strive on and practice at and work on that Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and get better and do better job on that Sunday.”

On Sunday the raiders have a shot to do what they couldn’t in Week 9. They have a chance at closing out a game, or finishing it, rather.

However, the offense has to stay consistent. They cannot go away from what works best. And, while this team showed they can run the ball efficiently, they have now shown they can pass it efficiently.

But, in my opinion, they will.

To make matters even worse, the Raiders will be without Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow for the next four games, at least.

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