The Las Vegas Raiders are one of the few teams that got to play an early game, and an added pre-season game, at that. The Raiders beat the Jaguars in the Hall of Fame game Thursday night 27-11, in a game that was not really close, at all.

While, it is pre-season, there are some things to take away from the game, even if the game doesn’t have any meaning on the regular season. Yes, the starters didn’t play, but the backups did, and some of them played extremely well.

Raiders’ takeaways from pre-season game against Jaguars

1. Running back room is competitive

We kind of already knew about this just from training camp, but Thursday showed that this position group will be elite. Josh Jacobs is a top-10 running back in the league, and his backups are solid, too.

Zamir White showed out as a rookie running back, as he finished with 52 yards on 11 carries. Ameer Abdullah finished with just seven yards on two carries but was able to get into the endzone. Kenyan Drake has been a very good running back in the past with the Miami Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals and can be a great backup behind Jacobs, even though he ran for just nine yards on five carries.

2. Stidham seemed to know the offense very well

You heard the broadcast guys talk about it all night, and it was true. There was not anyone one player on the field who knew that offense better than Jarrett Stidham did. He had been in Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick’s system for the third year now.

Stidham finished with 96 passing yards, going 8/15 on the day, and was even to rush the ball in for a touchdown from 12 yards. While, yes, Derek Carr will be the quarterback, and there is not any doubt about it, this is football, and players get injured. If that were to happen to Carr, the Raiders’ offense would still work with Stidham at the helm.

3. The offensive line did not look good

You don’t get sacked five times as a team in pre-season games by the worst team in football. That was a terrible showing in terms of the offensive line. Stidham was sacked three times for 25 yards, Mullens was sacked one time for nine yards, and Garbers was sacked one time for seven yards.

There were some moments when the line looked good. There were more moments when the line looked bad. One that stuck out to me was left tackle Brandon Parker allowing Stidham to get hit by rookie Jaguar Trevon Walker. If the Jaguars did that to the Raiders, then imagine what will happen during the regular season.

Even if it did get boring at times, there was football Thursday night. Now the Raiders will look to play the Vikings in pre-season week one on Sunday.

Featured image via The Repository / Scott Heckel / USA TODAY NETWORK