Josh McDaniels isn’t the only guy in the Las Vegas Raiders organization that’s currently under fire. Of course, Derek Carr is too, but the guy I’m talking about is his throwing buddy Darren Waller.

There was once a time when Waller was considered the best or one of the top-three tight ends in football because of his physical gifts. Now, it is looking like he will have two straight seasons that are either mediocre or under-average.

The season is already not going how anyone expected. Then, you throw in the fact that none of their offensive stars are playing as we thought either, and it gets even worse.

But it’s different for Waller than it is for Davante Adams or Carr because Waller isn’t even on the field really.

“I get it,” Waller told The Las Vegas-Journal. “When it comes down to a season where you’re not meeting expectations, and a dude has signed a shiny new contract and there are big expectations for him, it’s frustrating. 

“People can throw me under the bus and blame me. It is what it is and how it’s going to be. I know how it goes, and I’m tough enough to handle it.”

In my opinion, fans have every right to be upset with Waller, for the exact reasons he said. He did just get a huge contract that some fans didn’t want him to get in the first place.

Then you add that he has been dealing with injuries and hasn’t played much. When he does play he isn’t great. That point is even worse when you consider how well Foster Moreau has played with Waller out.

Oh, and, he wasn’t even at training camp, and instead was spending his time away from the team going to Las Vegas Aces games during preseason games.

It’s frustrating. So, Waller is going to have to deal with it as it comes, and then when he gets healthy, prove all these things wrong.

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Featured Image Via George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK

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