The Las Vegas Raiders have one of the better rosters in the NFL. They have a great player at virtually every position and a few players that are one of the top at their position.

The vibes around the team have felt great this offseason, and why wouldn’t they? The team added some players this summer and created a new coaching staff that will for sure get the franchise back to its winning ways.

One person that will be responsible for the team’s future success is Davante Adams, who was recently listed as one of the best players in all of the NFL, and he just so happens to wear silver and black.

Raiders’ Adams is listed as a top-five player in the NFL

According to Pro Football Focus, Davante Adams is the fourth best player in all of football, which is surprising, but at the same time, true.

Surprising in the sense that he is a receiver, who is also listed as a top-five player in the league. His position has so many things that depend on it. If his quarterback is bad, he doesn’t get touches. If his offensive line is back, no touches. If the team has a dominant run game, no touches. If the opposing team has a lockdown passing defense, fewer touches. That is just how it is in the life of a receiver.

Here is why PFF thinks Adams is the fourth-best player in the NFL:

“Adams remains the best receiver in football, though the number of challengers for that crown appears to be growing by the year. Over the past two seasons, he has the highest PFF receiving grade among receivers and has gained the most yards per route run (2.88). He now teams up with his college quarterback in Las Vegas to see if he can replicate the connection he had with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.”

Adams is easily the best player at his position, and now the Raiders are getting some national recognition because of his dominance. For the Raiders to have a player in the top five means everything. It is good for the culture of the franchise, as well as what they are building now and in the future. 

I guess we can thank the Green Bay Packers for handing him over so easily. If they hadn’t, they would have the third and fourth best players in the league, according to PFF.

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