The Las Vegas Raiders are at an all-time low. Like seriously, I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but this has got to be one of the worst starts in the history of their franchise. It’s so bad, some players are getting emotional during the post game press conference, which is fine, you just don’t see it happen often.

They are simply losing games because they are getting outplayed. But, here is the kicker. The majority of the teams they play don’t have a better roster than them.

So then you say, okay, this just comes down to execution, shooting yourself in the foot, and coaching.

So far, all three of those have been the story of this season. The biggest one, though, is coaching, in my opinion.

Losing can really get to your players’ heads. It can take a toll on you, especially when you do so much to play the game, and then the result is consistently a loss.

It’s getting bad now, and I think everyone is starting to realize that. so much so, the ultimate leader of the team had to shed a few after the game.

Derek Carr was as emotional as I have seen after a loss. It’s kind of a lot, so I’ll just let you watch for yourself if you happened to miss what he said after the game during the media availability.

As you can see, Carr was very emotional. I love how he started with how much they all love their coaches because I’m sure they all know that is a topic of discussion.

However, if I were them, I wouldn’t really love what their coaches were doing.

It’s sad to see a guy who has given so much to the organization be upset like this. But, it’s clear they have issues past this season that need fixing.

Featured Image Via Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports