The Las Vegas Raiders are doing something now that no one is talking about. Winning back-to-back overtime walk-off games is helping them in ways we really didn’t think of.

The Raiders’ season started terribly. Yeah, it still isn’t looking good record-wise, but they haven’t been better this season than they are now. But, now they have won two straight, and both games have been over solid defenses, and one over a good offense.

Winning the way they won the last two games is doing something for them that they need now more than ever this year. It’s giving them momentum.

“Yeah, for sure. I think the momentum is the product at the end, but definitely, the way you do it can help that out,” Davante Adams said on Wednesday. “I’d say we got a little momentum going now. But it’s just a little, it’s just two games, but it’s something to build off of. So, we got to start somewhere.

“We were talking to Coach [McDaniels] about kind of our objective post-Thanksgiving, just based off some of the ideologies that he’s had in the past and understanding that we have a certain amount of games that we still got to go win now. And this is a really vital and important part of the season. So, we just got to hunker down and be detail-oriented and go out there and win some games.”

The Raiders are building momentum, which is what they needed most. they need to build off of this and try and make a push for the playoffs, even if it won’t happen, they need to give the fans something to be happy about in terms of next season.

Building momentum off of these two wins means not having the same hiccups that have been having all year. No, they don’t have to win every game from here on out, but they should still continue to be competitive.

The Raiders need to use this as momentum, badly, because their season isn’t over, even if their playoff hopes almost are.

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