There is a lot of blame that can go around right now for the Las Vegas Raiders and their organization. A lot of that so far has been put on new head coach Josh McDaniels.

But why wouldn’t it?

When you piece it all together, this was a playoff team last year, that added the best receiver in football in Davante Adams, and one of the best pass rushers last year in Chandler Jones.

Other than that, and some small moves here and there, the only big move made was the hire of McDaniels. So, that is kind of the first thing people would point at.

On Sunday after the loss to the Indianapolis Colts, there were some emotions being shown.

McDaniels was the first one to start the post-game press conference, and he was obviously frustrated. It also seemed like he was just kind of lost, like a “how could this happen to me,” kind of thing.

Then Derek Carr, the star quarterback, was very emotional after. There were a few times he even shed a tear, which is fine, it just isn’t seen as often as you would think.

Carr talked about a lot, and let a lot of emotions out. I think he let a little too much out, as he sounded like he was calling some guys out, but in a hidden way.

Carr was on a rant talking about everything that he and others have sacrificed this season. He talked about all the hard work that has gone into this year, and how much he loves the organization.

Then, he ended the answer to the question in a way that was a head-scratcher.

“And I wish everybody in that room felt the same way about this place, and as a leader that pisses me off. If I’m being honest.”

So, it sounds like he is calling out some guys for not being bought in, and at the same time not enjoying being where they are at in terms of the organization they play for.

So, once again, it doesn’t sound like everyone is completely bought into what the Raiders are doing. Can you blame them?

The hidden message, for me anyways, is what showed me this team is done this year. A team that is destined to make the playoffs and go on a run, or at least compete for a spot, doesn’t call out each other that way.

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