The Las Vegas Raiders have not been great on the offensive line over the last few years. Yeah, they haven’t been terrible, but they also haven’t been amazing. However, this year it could be a bit different. The offensive line could potentially be great, with a ton of depth. They will need that too if the Raiders want to make another push for the playoffs in the league’s toughest division. With the weapons Derek Carr has around him now, all he needs is time and protection to get the ball out.

The depth in the offensive line room should be great this year. Everyone is fighting for a starting spot, and just about anyone can get one.

Raiders’ Cotton Sr. spoke with media on Monday

On Monday the Raiders held a media availability which included Coach Kennedy Polamalu, Lester Cotton Sr., and Jayon Brown. The main topic of discussion with Cotton Sr. was the offensive line, of course.

He was asked about the competition in the offensive line room, and here is what he had to say:

“You got a room full of guys that is very talented, very smart, and they compete each and every day,” Cotton Sr. told reporters. “No starter is guaranteed on the line… so we go out there every day and put our best foot forward. We compete with each other as a brotherhood, there is no ill will towards no one, we are all together.”

Those are the type of things you love to hear about an offensive line group. Not just that they are competing with each other, because that is what you expect them to do. That is what they are supposed to do. But the fact that anyone could play, means the depth in this room is very solid.

When it comes down to it, if need be, the Raiders will be ready in that area if injuries do happen, because they are a part of the game. Staying healthy, and having great depth are two things most championship-caliber teams have in common. Now, it’s time for the Raiders to be one of those teams once again.

You can check out the full presser, here.

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