The Minnesota Vikings fielded the fifth best passing offense in the league in 2022. Largely in part due to the record setting play from All-Pro WR Justin Jefferson.

Now it looks like Jefferson and Vikings reps are going to begin negotiating a contract negotiation, now that he’s eligible for one after finishing his third season. Likely ending up with Jefferson as the highest paid receiver in the league.

It’s also entirely possible one of the NFL’s elite offenses will look to add even more firepower. In the form of former All-Pro and future Hall of Famer DeAndre Hopkins.

Is it possible?

The Minnesota Vikings were actually very interested in gaining Hopkins when the Houston Texans traded him in 2020. Deciding to opt for the draft instead after sending Stefon Diggs to Buffalo, in what would be the very draft that has Jefferson in Minnesota today.

At the time, Hopkins went for a second and fourth round picks. If he is to be traded again, it likely won’t be near as much.

If Hopkins is unwilling to rework his contract, it’s a moot point. The Vikings are $24.5 million OVER the projected cap for 2023, needing to re-work and adjust the cap to create space. A Jefferson extension would help.

If Hopkins gets released, however, that’s another story. Leading to a much more team-friendly deal to play in one of the best offenses in the NFL.

Can they afford to? Especially while trying to get back Jefferson and players like Garrett Bradbury. It also means they would have to potentially move off from 10-year Vikings WR, and fan favorite, Adam Theilen.

Much to consider but the end results would make a lot of sense. Giving QB Kirk Cousins yet another dominant weapon outside in a weakened NFC North could be the difference in a championship.

Mandatory Credit: Matt Krohn of USA TODAY Sports

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