Add former quarterback and all-time NFL draft bust Ryan Leaf to the long list of media members who have been quick to label the Minnesota Vikings (12-3) as frauds.

Leaf made an appearance on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football and admitted his distrusts with how the Vikings have been winning lately.

“I don’t trust them because I don’t think the biggest moment they’re gonna win it, but they have all year long. Every single one possession game they’ve won.”

Granted nothing has come easy for Minnesota, they’ve found ways to win in miraculous fashion. In a league with as much parity as the NFL has, discounting wins in this league is a foolish practice.

“I’m a little fearful of the Vikings and this weekend is going to teach me a lot. They leave the confines of the dome and it’s gonna be frozen. How does Kirk Cousins respond to that?” Leaf asked ahead of Sunday’s matchup on the road against the Green Bay Packers.

However, Leaf wouldn’t stop there. He still hasn’t seen enough from the 12-win Vikings to consider them to be a legitimate threat in the NFC.

“I feel like they’re frauds, and it’s a strong word. I think the Vikings and the Cowboys are fraudulent contenders. I think the real contenders in the NFC right now are the Eagles and the 49ers.”

At the end of the day this is just more bulletin board material the Vikings cam use to further fuel its fire. It’s beginning to seem like the only people that genuinely believe in the Vikings are the Vikes themselves. But that hasn’t worked out too bad of late.

Featured image via Jeffrey Becker – USA TODAY Sports

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