On Tuesday, former Nashville Predators Captain Jason Arnott did not mince words when it came to former teammate Ryan Suter. On the Cam & Strick podcast, Arnott had some heavy criticism for Suter. In the same breath, he contrasted his mentality to former Preds star Shea Weber’s.

Arnott felt like Suter’s attitude was never in the right place, and he consistently complained both on and off the ice. The former captain discussed a plethora of different instances and subjects where he did not see eye-to-eye with Suter during their player days. He also pointed to Suter’s career in Minnesota. Arnott feels as though Suter’s mentality and comments may have caused a raucous in that locker room. Accordingly, it never worked out for Suter and the Wild.

The former Nashville Predator also said the mentalities of Suter and Weber were “night and day” as Weber rarely had a negative mindset. Arnott says that Weber wanted to learn and become as good of a teammate as possible. Weber was respectful and always left it all out on the ice. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to any Preds fan, though.

Things must have not been too peachy between Suter and Arnott, either. Accordingly, Arnott felt the need to address it all earlier today. He certainly did that and more.

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