The Nashville Predators revealed their much-anticipated Reverse Retro jersey Thursday.

The jersey is an updated version of the well-loved* “Mustard Cat” jersey the team used as an alternate from 2001-2007. The jersey features the same 3D saber-toothed tiger, but instead of a primary color of “Grey Poupon” mustard yellow, it’s the current Predators gold. Of course, if you want to continue calling it the Mustard Cat, you’d have to go with standard French’s mustard yellow. Of course, that’s the whole concept of the Reverse Retro series: retro designs, but with modern color schemes. The jersey also remains true to the numbering and lettering from the original and also features the 3D smilodon skull patches on the shoulders. The biggest difference (aside from the color) would be larger Nashville patch above the primary logo. Original Mustard Cats featured a small, printed “Nashville” above the logo, but many originals have seen these wear off over time.

Many fans have been clamoring for a navy blue jersey, but fail to remember that the most recent alternates, the Stadium Series jerseys, were primarily navy. Of course, what a lot of fans seem to want are the “Navy Alternates” used from 2009-2011. However, the team moved on to Preds Gold the very next season and abandoned the very popular navy jerseys entirely.

While it seems there’s a vocal minority of fans that would have preferred navy instead of revisiting the Mustard Cat, the jersey has already seen a lot of love after it was leaked on Wednesday.

Whether you love it or hate it, the Mustard Cat is back and is bound to be a popular jersey with a new generation of admirers for years to come. Will the love for the jersey alone be enough to pull the Preds out of their recent penalty problems and help them get back on the right track? We’ll have a chance to see tonight as the Preds take on the Columbus Blue Jackets at 6 pm CST.

*the Mustard Cat is also much-hated. There is typically no middle ground with fans on this one.

-featured image via Chris Hanewinckel/USA TODAY Sports-